Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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      How to identify:

     It is not difficult to recognize this species. Аnts of medium size, their length is from 7 to 14 mm. The color is red-brown, the abdomen and head are black. There is a poisonous gland on the abdomen, with the help of which they protect the family and hunt, throwing out poison several tens of centimeters.

Red forest ants are the main fighters against forest pests. Leaf-eating caterpillars, butterflies and sawflies often become their prey. Also, these defenders of the forest loosen the soil and carry the seeds of flowers and plants, helping them to reproduce.

          What are harmful:

     Ants also carry diseases that are dangerous to domestic animals: parvovirus enteritis, feline panleukopenia and dog plague. Ants often cause the multiplication of various fungi in the apartment. These domestic pests do not disdain natural fabrics and leather, eating the clothes of the apartment owners.

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