Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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     How to identify:

You can miss them due to the following characteristics:
- no claw on the second toe of the forelimbs;
the outer ears are usually complex in shape, often have a developed tragus or antigus, a folded back edge, etc.
- the overall size is usually small (on average, the body weight of bats is 4-10 g), although among insectivorous bats there are those that are larger than the smallest fruit bats;

- the facial part of the skull is shortened;
-the eyes, as a rule, are small and do not play a leading (and even more so - an exclusive) role in orientation in space;
cheek teeth retain the system of tubercles and ridges lost in fruit bats;
-all bats have advanced ultrasonic echolocation.

       What are harmful:

     Bats are a natural reservoir of rabies and, according to the WHO, the Marburg, Ebola and coronaviruses, which are part of the group of especially dangerous infections - a list of the most dangerous known pathogenic viruses that cause fatal diseases to humans. There is evidence for the involvement of bats in the transmission of infection.

This biological hazard is a direct consequence of the lifestyle of these animals.

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