Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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Chipmunks Chipmunks Chipmunks


      How to identify:

     Depending on the species, the mass of a chipmunk can be from 30 to 120 g, and the size is from 5 to 15 cm with a tail length of 7 to 12 cm.The most noticeable feature of all species is five dark stripes along the back, separated by white or gray stripes. The coloration of other parts of the body is red-brown or gray-brown. Since this is a common feature of all chipmunks, individual species are at first glance difficult to distinguish.


     What are harmful:

     Their front teeth are very large and continue to grow throughout their lives. Moreover, the teeth themselves are incredibly sharp, so they can cause serious injury to the tip of the finger, after which you should immediately treat the wound, as well as take tests to the hospital to detect any infections. This measure once again suggests that in no case should you pick up rodents from the street, and even more so those that are found in the fields. This is fraught with fatal diseases, so be extremely judicious when buying such an unusual animal by today's standards.

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Sunday, 06 June 2021

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