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can groundhogs climb trees can groundhogs climb trees can groundhogs climb trees

Сan baby and adults groundhogs climb trees?

How to identify groundhogs:

     Groundhogs form a distinct group of 14 or 15 species (the status of the forest-steppe marmot as a separate species is under discussion), within the squirrel family. These are relatively large, weighing several kilograms, animals that live in open landscapes, in burrows built independently. The ancestral home of marmots is North America, from where they spread through Beringia to Asia, and further to Europe. Usually has a small tail. They breed once a year, the breeding season begins soon after awakening and mating takes place in burrows even before the marmots come to the surface. Moreover, only 13-80% of females participate in mating. ... The female brings 1-3 to 4-5 baby woodchuck and feeds them with milk for about 50 days.

Harsh natural ability to climb

     If you have a marmot at home, then you are sure to have a fun life! The marmot is a very active, inquisitive, trusting and interesting animal. His fingers are well developed, so he can open some of the bars on the cage. The animal requires a lot of care. It is tamed quite easily, getting used to the owner, likes to sleep on his lap or on the bed, comes when his name is called.

     Before you get a marmot, you need to know some of the nuances of caring for an animal. First you need to purchase a spacious cage with metal rods, at least 63x47x55 cm in size, preferably even larger. The longer the pet sits in the cage, the more spacious it should be. Marmots are very fond of building burrows for themselves, so give your pet rags and paper - watch the animal, it will be very funny to build a shelter in the cage. The cage should be in the shade - marmots cannot stand overheating, prevent drafts, the air temperature should be from +15 to +19 ° С. You can also get a small carrier.

     The marmot needs a daily walk around the apartment. If he spends a lot of time with a person and good contact is established between them, then the gopher will behave almost like a domestic cat, he loves to play and run with the owner. You should know that you cannot leave your pet alone in the apartment. He will definitely do something wrong - he will open cabinets and rummage through things, he can gnaw on wooden furniture, dig in pots of flowers, and even gnaw through wires, which is very dangerous for his life. In general, the marmot does not like loneliness and has fun in all available ways. So, when leaving the house, close the pet in the cage. But never leave it for long.

     With regard to the toilet, the animal is very docile and clean. He walks to a certain place, so he can be taught to use a cat litter box if he moves freely around the apartment. You can fill the tray with pressed sawdust or special filler. How to teach? Track the groundhog and place the litter box in the location he chose for the toilet. Explain to him that this is now his toilet. Of course, everything will not work out right away, but after a while the marmot will learn to walk into the tray. You need to be patient. You should not wash the animal, it is very afraid of water, and the contaminated place can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

     The marmot feeds on plant foods, loves fresh herbs. You can also feed with special food for rodents, vegetables, fruits, nuts, bread. You can not drink milk, do not give animal products. Change or add water to the drinker daily. The groundhog should only be fed in a cage from the very first day. They are fed 2 times a day, after eating, the bowls are removed, only water is left.

     The physiological requirement of the marmot is hibernation (5-6 months a year). The animal prepares for hibernation at the end of September, falls asleep when the air temperature drops to + 3 ° C. Approximately 2 weeks before hibernation, the animal loses its appetite and activity decreases. In this case, the animal stops feeding, and the cage is covered with a dark cloth, thus preparing the animal for hibernation, then transplanted into a box. In advance, you need to find an unheated place, but protected from the wind and prepare a wooden box (60x60x60 cm), cover the walls with a metal mesh, a balcony or a country house can serve as a place (do not allow the temperature to drop below + 3 ° C). It is imperative to fill the box with shavings, sawdust and hay. You should NOT immediately move the box with the animal to a prepared place, since in the early days the marmot may go out to relieve himself or to have a snack. You need to wait 2-3 days.

Do groundhogs climb trees?

do groundhogs climb trees

      A Groundhogs is an animal with a plump body and a weight in the range of 5-6 kg. An adult is about 70 cm long. The smallest species grows up to 50 cm, and the longest - the forest-steppe marmot, grows up to 75 cm.It is a plantigrade rodent with powerful legs, long claws and a wide, short muzzle. Despite their lush forms, marmots are able to move quickly, swim and even climb trees. The head of the marmot is large and round, and the location of the eyes allows it to cover a wide field of view.

Why do groundhogs climb trees?

     In search of food, marmots climb trees and bushes. They collect shoots, plant leaves, bark, buds. Basically, rodents feed on the ground on a variety of grasses and grains. Therefore, these animals can often be found in the field or in the garden. Also, marmots love to pamper themselves with shellfish and insects.

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