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How to get a bat out of your house?


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- About bats

Means of struggle

- Slots

- Smoke

- Pulvilizer

- Naphlalene

- Ultrasound

About bats

    They live in caves, sleep upside down, lead a nocturnal lifestyle - yes, bats do not lack in mystery. It is not for nothing that the people associate them with witchcraft and magic, and some even argue that flying predators are not animals at all, but real vampires.

     Only after meeting with a vampire eternal life awaits you, but contact with a bat is fraught with dangerous diseases.

     It must be said that bats have a dubious reputation in medical circles. Recently, they have been implicated in almost every epidemic. Ebola, Nipah, Hendera, Marburg, rabies, SARS in 2002 and Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS in 2015 are the carriers of all these diseases in bats. The list is impressive, so when scientists found out that the genome of the SARS-CoV2 virus, which caused today's COVID-19 pandemic, is 96.3% similar to the bat virus, the verdict was immediately pronounced - guilty! Still, the question of how to get rid of bats has not been disclosed.


Means of struggle


1. Slots.

    It is necessary to start the fight by filling up the cracks through which the bats get onto the balcony, attic, etc. Very often, such activities instantly solve the problem. The main thing is to close up the cracks when the pests have flown away. And carefully check for babies. During the breeding season, it is very difficult to fight bats, since the remaining cubs may die in the nest. And this will lead to irreversible processes and specific odors.



    Another common folk remedy is a smoker. In a tin can, a smoking fire is made and, in the literal sense, you can smoke out pests. It is better to do this at night, when the animals are active. It is necessary to repeat it for at least three days in a row, otherwise the pests will return to their sedentary place.



    You can use a water hose or a powerful spray bottle to scare bats off trees, gazebo roofs, and other accessible areas. These mice do not like showers very much.



    You can also scare them away with the help of naphthalene. Making small bags of mothballs from the bandage. However, remember that mothballs are also undesirable for humans.



    Ultrasonic repellents are the most humane and effective way to control these pests. Bats navigate in space using ultrasound. And the variable frequency ultrasound emitted by the repeller will disorient the mouse. As a result, it will be so difficult for them to be near a working device that they will leave your territory forever.

How to catch bats in your house?

     Remember: never take a bat without gloves!

     A flying animal cannot be caught in the air without risk, since you can harm it. Do not try to shoot down a flying animal in the air: this way it can be crippled!

    Wait until the bat sits on some surface in the room. After that, calmly approach the sitting bat, remembering to first put on tight gloves, and carefully take it and place it in a box or cover the animal with some spacious container (for example, a shoebox). Then take a flat piece of cardboard and carefully slide it between the box and the surface the bat is on (wall, floor, ceiling). Then, holding the cardboard, gently turn the box over - the bat will be enclosed in the box.

     If you find a bat during the warm season, it is better to release it in the evening or at night. If the captured animal is actively moving inside the container, take the box out to the balcony or outside and simply open the lid, allowing the animal to fly out. You need to make sure that the bat flew, and did not sit on any surface nearby (in the reach of cats). Therefore, it is still advisable to release the bat not from the balcony: if it does not "want" to fly, it can be picked up immediately. If the bat is not active, you should "warm up" it: take it in your hand (with a glove) and hold it until it starts to actively move. After that, give her the opportunity to fly away.

     In the cold season (winter, late autumn or early spring), it is undesirable to release a bat.

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