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How to get rid of ants with borax and more


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     The fire ant received this name not because of its reddish color, as it might seem at first glance, but thanks to its strong sting and highly toxic poison, the effect of which is similar to a flame burn. It is really possible to "burn out" from such ants, even one ant can kill a person with an allergic reaction.

Who are these killer ants? Fire ants are a group of species from the genus Solenopsis whose bite has the aforementioned property. The most prominent representative is Solenopsis invicta.

     Invicta is a reddish-brown ant, 2 - 4 mm in size. This baby, originally living in South America, was able to settle all over the world, but not without the help of people. Thanks to the merchant ships, the ants crossed the seas and oceans, like colonizers, mastering new lands.

     Fire ants are very tenacious; during floods, an anthill can turn into a real raft from its own bodies, which can exist for several days, or even weeks, until it comes to land. Of course, not without losses: one part of the ants drowns, the other is eaten by fish, but in general the colony often survives. Now let's look for an answer to the question of how to get rid of fire ants:

How to deal with ants in house?



The red, fire ant cannot stand the smell of weathered old bacon. They should grease wet places where ants appear - these are sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. After such treatment, insects will stop visiting these rooms.


2. How to kill ants with borax?

A reliable and proven way to get rid of insects with borax. If you put small containers with this product, mixed with boiled egg yolk, in places where red ants appear, then the insects will gradually disappear from the house. But this method will take 2-3 weeks. The use of this method is based on the fact that borax eats away the chitinous layer of the shell, and the insect dies. In this way borax kills ants.

Custom Recipe

3. Custom Recipe

Mix 1 pack (10 grams) of boric acid powder with boiled egg yolk, add 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar. Roll up small balls, and spread out in the places of the proposed paths. Be careful not to let children and pets touch the poison. You can remove it for the day, and spread it at night.



Red or house ants cannot stand the smell of laundry soap. Therefore, the places where they follow can be wiped with a napkin dipped in soapy water.

5. How to get rid of ants in the kitchen with vinegar?

     It is the safest means of dealing with ants, and one of the most unbearable and fatal for them. The fact is that insect receptors absolutely do not tolerate its smell, and it affects their stimuli so strongly that the ant simply loses the pheromone trails left by foragers. By confusing paths and confusing them, we deprive insects of food, and over time they will certainly leave your home on their own. Acetic acid is generally a deadly agent - it simply eats away at the insect's body, despite the fact that it does not cause any harm to humans.

     So what are the vinegar-based ant control strategies we know of?
First, prepare a vinegar and water solution, diluting them one to one. Pure vinegar will smell too bad and stick to your home for a long time. Some people simply cannot stand the smell of concentrated vinegar, and it will be expensive to spend everything on just ants.
The next step is surveillance. Yes exactly. You must observe the insects, establish exactly where their paths go and where they lead. It may turn out that the ant nest is located in your house or next to it, and it will also need to be eliminated, because otherwise you will not get rid of them.
     Spray the solution along the paths and, if their nest is in your house, near it. The amount of sprayed material should be large - the more vinegar is gone, the more you will confuse insects.

6. How to get rid of ants in the kitchen with baking soda?

     You can significantly increase the beneficial properties of soda in combination with additional substances. There are many methods of dealing with ants, of which baking soda is a component. Here are just a few of them:

     Soda with boiling water. Boiled water itself is harmful to insects, and in combination with the lethal reaction of soda and acid to ants, it will become a very effective remedy. First, hot water provides a high temperature and increases the reaction rate. And secondly, the fluidity of the water will allow sodium bicarbonate to get even deep into the soil.



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