Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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Racoons Racoons Racoons


 How to identify:

    Outwardly, this animal is a bit like a dog or even a fox, but it has a number of unique features that distinguish them from these animals.

The length of the striped raccoon is from 45 to 60 cm.

Weight, depending on the species and sex of the animal (males are larger than females), as well as the season (animals living in the north hibernate in winter). On average, they weigh about six kilograms. The head of raccoons is wide, has a pointed muzzle and erect ears of a rounded shape.

     What are harmful:

     Rabies. Wild striped raccoons are carriers of rabies and tetanus. An animal that is sick, in a fit of rage, can easily harm property and seriously injure a person. In fact, the consequences of clashes between a raccoon and a human can be very sad. If an adult and strong man meets on the way of a wild and mad raccoon, then he can still repulse the beast, but if it is a child, then everything here is much more complicated and scary.
     Contagious excrement. If the raccoon lives at home with the owner, he receives all the vaccines and dressings, then the result of natural needs is not terrible. If this is the excrement of a wild raccoon, then it is very dangerous to come into contact with them. They are teeming with many parasites, so in this case, the wild raccoon is dangerous to humans. Pets often fall prey to this threat, and through them a person becomes infected. Treatment in this case will be long and expensive.

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