Wednesday, 05 May 2021
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Stink Bugs

          How to identify:

          An insect belonging to the order of Hemiptera, the family of bugs, brown, about 17 mm long. ... The brown smelly American marble bug has a pear-shaped body. Blotches of various shapes are clearly visible on it, due to which this color is called marble.


          What are harmful:

        They suck out their juice, making punctures in the leaves, stems, fruits and seeds. After such a puncture, holes remain in the plants, the tissues around them die off, and then the whole plant also dies. Bedbugs are especially dangerous during the period of plant growth and fruit formation. If the bugs suck the juices from the inflorescences, then there will simply be no fruit. If they feed on the juice of fruits and berries, then the latter become unsuitable for food. Bed bugs affect all plants in the garden or vegetable garden - fruit and berry, cereal, cruciferous, umbrella, herbaceous, ornamental.

         Stink bugs In the house:

        So, what to do if a bug got into your home? Definitely - to collect and destroy. You can collect it with a broom, a vacuum cleaner (be sure to destroy it after collecting - burn it, drown it, crush it), or you can arrange special false winters, install them in attics, terraces, verandas and leave until December. What are these fake winter sports? These are cardboard boxes filled with crumpled newspapers or corrugated cardboard, one side of the boxes open for bed bugs to enter. A pheromone dispenser can be placed in the center of the boxes to attract insects. The trap needs to be checked periodically; if there are a large number of insects, just burn it whole.

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