Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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Termites Termites Termites


 How to identify:

     Outwardly, the terms are often confused with ants. They are just as small and have a similar body shape. Biologists believe that these pests are relatives of cockroaches. But ants are just their worst enemies. Colonies have a well-organized hierarchy. They are divided into:


able to reproduce;



     Working individuals are white in color, they are engaged in obtaining food. Soldiers protect termite mounds from the encroachment of ants. It should be noted that depending on the type of protection can be different. Some have highly developed jaws, while others have processes with poison. Another feature of these insects is that they love the dark. Therefore, their "anthills" have practically no connection with the outside world. They are built in close proximity to food. If the timber ends, they build closed passages, in the form of a gallery. And move along them.

     What are harmful:

    In addition to damaging furniture and other household items, insects can harm humans or animals. When ingested, they become carriers of all sorts of dangerous diseases. They are capable of inflicting pain, a character that is difficult to determine immediately. Bites cause allergic reactions up to Quincke's edema.


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